The best mobile Amazigh language dictionaries.

We designed and developed the most feature-rich Amazigh dictionaries on Android. Learners of Tamazight have now access to dictionaries in English, French and Arabic. iPhone and iPad versions are also being developed

Translate words quickly from and to Tamazight

Discover the offline official tamazight dictionary (berber language) in: English, French and Arabic.

The Amazigh (berber) language is the only native language in North Africa and present in Morocco (official language status), Algeria (official language status), Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Canary Islands.

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    Powerful Search Algorithm

    Gives the desired result whether you search in Tasusit, Atlas tamazight or tarifit; whether you search for words in masculine, feminine, plural, verb forms or construct states.

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    Offline, Ad-free and lightweight

    Anywhere with you in your pocket and ready to use without internet. It includes a Tifinagh alphabet table and the premium versions are Ad-free.

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    Biggest Database of the Unified Amazigh Language

    15k+ entries in tifinagh characters followed by a transcription in latin. 2k+ verb conjugations. making it the biggest standard amazigh language databse in Morocco.

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    The only trilingual Amazigh dictionary

    We are proud to be the first to offer an English Amazigh dictionary app in History after more than 7 months of hard work. We also offer the dictionary in French and Arabic, languages that coexit in North-Africa.

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